Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Concept Design - Trial and Error

After spending weeks designing I finally thought I had a solid idea which I tried creating in photoshop. After taking the design to Alan we decided that the ship didnt flow too well with the whale making it look like the ship was carrying the whale and not the whale carrying the ship.

The first of the two images is the ship without the whale. In this design I was at fault because the design of the ship made it look like a battle cruiser which carried the creature, where in my design I wanted the Whale to be carrying the ship. 

The second image I used a picture of a whale and tried to fit my idea around the creature. It was only when I finished the design that I actually realised the problem which I had with it. My initial thoughts showed told me that this was a good starting point to create something better, something which isn't so straight and more curved to fit the whales features and shape.

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