Monday, 7 November 2011

Pierre Matter

Whilst researching for this project and around the Steampunk genre I came across a remarkable artist/sculpture called Pierre Matter.

Pierre Matter was born in France 1964, he was a mystical child and a troubled teenanger . Matters work represents how modern technology has invaded every part of our existence. Matter uses many industrial objects and diverts them from their initial use to create his sculptures. Some of the more common materials that Matter uses consist of car parts scrap metal, sluice gates and even electrical components. Matter is quoted saying... “In so far as I create my works out of derelict objects because they have become useless or ineffectual, scrap metal which will live a new life in my sculptures, will survive to deterioration and become the privileged witness of a materialistic time of accelerated wasting.   I am strongly influenced by the “anticipation” and “prospective” spheres, from Giger to Jodorowsky, and Jules Verne. Materialism is cracking all over, we are changing world, the present and the future are merging more and more, everything is becoming fluid and our landmarks are getting blurred.”

I have selected a few of Matters images to show in my blog for inspiration to this project and for an amazing example of the Steampunk genre from an artistic point of view. Whilst browsing through Matters amazing collection of works I came across two pieces in particular which I found more influential to my specific project. 

The two images represent a whale but in an industrial form. The first is a painting which Matter has created with a submarine in mind. He uses his steampunk style to create an image by taking a natural creature and creating an image which represents his style. The second image is similar, however this image captures an amazing sculpture which Matter has created with his bare hands.

Showreel of Matters works...

Pierre Matter

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