Wednesday, 9 November 2011

GOW 3 - Junk Research

For the past couple of days I have been doing research into vehicles which may represent a junk type factor in their design. For research purposes I have been looking at a video game called Gears of War as this has some key examples throughout its design. In particular, throughout the trilogy there is a race of creatures known as the Locust. 

The Locust Horde was a race of reptilian humanoids who wanted a mass planet extermination of every man women and child in the human race. They consist of a common race of drones and all manner of other animals which are indigenous to their underground tunnel homes. 

Most of the Locusts technology was stolen or salvaged from what the humans left or lost in battle. It is throughout this race that my project can find inspiration. In my concept taken from Scott Westerfelds novel Leviathan, the British manipulate creatures and use them for their benefit which is also the same method as the locust use in Gears of War. Some examples of this are in the images below.


Torture Barge

Siege Beast

I have chosen to write a little about the Locust Gas Barge and not the other examples because this specific example is more specific to my project. The gas barge is an extremely large creature which can float and propel themselves through the air. 

The Locust use these barges as a form of flight transport. Each barge carries a metal platform underneath, sporting turrets and cannons which are used to defend the ship from enemy forces. Unlike Reavers, the barges are much more sluggish and large which means they are an easier target.
A turret made from salvaged human weapons. 

The Locust have gathered weapons from the dead and created a powerful and useful weapon from the scrap remains of unwanted junk.

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