Thursday, 13 October 2011

History, Science and Rules

For the outcome of this project to be successfull I need to delve into my source material and gather as much information as I can in order to create something within the bounderies of the book. Therefore I am researching into the rules and methods which the auhor has used to create this world.

For my minor project I’m using the book series Leviathan to create a vehicle based within Scott Westerfelds early twentieth world during WW1. 
Two things I need to know about this world; the first question I need to ask myself is what the world is like? Secondly and most importantly I need to know how it is possible that the beasts in the world have been manipulated for the use of the Darwinist empires. In particular, to create an airbeast based around this world I need to know how it is possible that they can live in this environment, and how it is possible they can fly. 

Westerfelds world is set in an alternate history, some of which is factual and some of which is fantasy. I have found that the interview below answers some of my questions about the novel.

The British alliance were Darwinists, with the conceit the Charles Darwin discovered DNA and was able to develop the technology to harness it to the point were the British were able to fabricate their own biological ecosystems which served their needs. 

This manipulation was harnessed into creating Leviathan which wasn’t just a “flying whale” but a living and breathing ecosystem which was able to make its own food and generate its own internal environment. 
An ecosystem is a biological environment which consists of all the organisms living in one particular area, this is known as a community. This explains how the airbeast is able to create its internal environment.

Three things about Leviathan and the Darwinists – 

Point One – The faction known as “Darwinists” use animals (beasties in the book) as forms of weapons and transport. An example of this is Leviathan.

Point Two – In short, the Darwinists create these creatures through DNA manipulation and a long incubational period depending on the complication of the cross breed of animal.

Point Three – To keep these creatures in working standard there are certain maintenance requirements. These beasties require an organic food supply and a certain amount of healing time to recover from any injuries sustained during battle.

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