Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Keith Thompson

In this post I have chosen to showcase some of Keith Thompson’s illustrations because I have found them very inspiring. The illustrations have been very influential in helping me decide how to develop this project artistically. 

Keith Thompson is best known for his illustrations within the Leviathan trilogy. The images below are from the first book Leviathan which is the source material for my minor project.

The images which are above are based on real creatures which the author, Scott Westerfeld researched and wrote into his novel. 

The first of the images is an air-beast called Leviathan. Leviathan is a hydro-beast more commonly known to us as a whale. Leviathan in the novel is head airship of the British air fleet. 

The second of the images is the Huxley ascender. The Huxley ascender was made from the life chains of medusa (a generation in the life cycle of a jellyfish), jellyfish and other venomous sea creatures. To us a Huxley would more commonly represent a hot air balloon.

Keith Thompson Artwork

I have chosen a few extra pieces of Keith Thompsons work which I really find inspiring. Only a few of the images are from the Leviathan series, but they still really stand out as original and unusual pieces of art of high quality.

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