Friday, 7 October 2011

Leviathan Book Notes Part One

Leviathan Notes – 

The notes below have been selected from numerous parts of the book Leviathan. These notes will be able to help me establish certain key points which will help in the development of my project.

Research Material

- Zeppelins (air ships)
- Main Characters – Deryn/Dylan Sharp
- Aeronautics
- Aerologist
- Darwinists found that wolves were easy to tame, unlike airbeasts which were trickier. (pge 29 & 30)
- Huxley ascender (pge 31)
- A Huxley ascender, one of the first Hydrogen Beasts...
Giant Airships of today had Gondolas, engines and observation decks.(pge 32)
- A Huxley would work by tugging on one of its tentacles which would allow the beast to release water making it lighter and more able to float to higher heights, much like a hot air balloon.
- Most importantly! Hydrogen breathers didn’t breathe hydrogen, they exhaled it into the air. It is burped into their gas bags, the bacteria in their stomachs breaks down the food and creates pure elements such as, oxygen, carbon and most important, lighter than air hydrogen. (pge 41)

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