Friday, 7 October 2011

Idea Development Week Two

Over the last few weeks I have been researching different mediums of work from film and T.V too Books and Comics. Whilst looking for a theme for my project I came across a novel called “Leviathan” written by an author called Scott Westerfeld.

A little about the Author -

Scott Westerfeld, an American born May 5 1963. Westerfeld is an author of Science fiction novels for adults, but also an occasional ghost writer. He is also known for writing three sets of books for young adults, the first of the three novels is called “Midnighters”. This book is a tale of five teenagers born exactly on the stroke of midnight, for which time freezes every night, revealing a dark and terrible hidden world.
Another Trilogy which he has written is called “Uglies”. This book is set in a future world where cosmetic surgery is compulsory when you reach the age of sixteen, making everyone beautiful. However, there are some people who would rather keep their own faces, going against everything everyone believes in.

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