Monday, 17 October 2011

More Art Influence

This post is a collection of air based vehicles designed for the playstation game Final fantasy twelve. The reason for me choosing to research into this game is purely for its vehicle design. Final fantasy twelve in particular features a cast of heroes who travel using different airships of incredible design. It is for this purpose which I have chosen to use them as an influence throughout my project. 

I really like the first of the three images. Out of the three I believe that this most resembles a vehicle which was based around a creature. This vehicle reminds me of a combination of sea creatures. The front end of the vehicle looks like the front length of a blue whale. I found that looking at the picture you can see an organic influence flowing through the rest of the design. In particular, the body of the vehicle starts off slimmer than the rest but as you move down it you can notice it begins to thicken up and slim again once reaching the back end. In the middle of the vehicle I noticed small wings which reminded me of whale fins. Once at the back you can see strands of material flowing from its tail end, this reminded me of a jellyfish or an octopus.

Final Fantasy Airship Research

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